Based on The Pulse Test: Easy Allergy Detection by Arthur Coca, MD

For best results, do the liver and gall bladder flush the night before the start of food re-introduction.

  1. Test only 1 type of food each day. Which means:  don’t re-introduce these potentially offending foods in combination, such as eating pizza – which has wheat, yeast, tomato and dairy.
  2. Test the foods you intuit are least likely to be a problem for you before the foods you suspect might be a problem.
  3. Reactions to a food usually occur within 10 minutes to 12 hours after ingestion.  However, arthritic or joint pain from a food may be delayed by as much as 48 hours.  If your main symptom is arthritic pain, then re-introduce 1 new food only every other day.
  4. Take your pulse before consuming the food, then again 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour after eating the food.  An increase of 10 beats per minute shows a reaction to that food. Make sure your pulse has returned to baseline before introducing another food on another day.

Make sure you test your tap water with pulse testing.

DAIRY:  One can be sensitive to the lactose sugar in dairy, or the casein protein in dairy, or both.  Yogurt is a form of dairy where the lactose is pre-digested by the good bacteria; if you react to yogurt, you are sensitive to casein and all dairy products are a problem.  If you are O.K. with yogurt, but not milk, you have a lactose intolerance and can often drink milk with the aid of lactase enzymes available at health food stores and pharmacies.

If you suspect a dairy allergy, it’s best to test goat or sheep dairy products first, as they are often well tolerated when cow’s milk products are not.

Test cheese on a different day than milk.  You may wish to test several cheeses on different days, since some people are allergic to one cheese, but not the other.

WHEAT:  should be re-introduced as wheat pasta, Wheatena or cracked wheat cereal, not as bread which contains yeast.

CORN:  Use fresh ears of corn or frozen corn.

EGGS:  Test the yokes and whites on separate days.  Many are allergic to egg whites, while egg yolks are fine.

CHOCOLATE:  Use 1 – 2 tablespoons of pure baker’s chocolate or Hershey’s cocoa powder.

ALCOHOL (test this last):  Test beer, wine and hard liquor on separate days.  It’s best to have 2 drinks per test day, but only if you can afford not to feel well that day and possibly the next day.

If your reaction to a food is mild, you can probably eat it once every 4 days without injury to your health.