Since so many patients are sensitive to herbicide/pesticide residue, wheat, yeast or corn, the following brands are wheat, corn and yeast-free, and organic.

If any of these are not on the shelves of your favorite health food market or supermarket, ask the store’s buyer for it.  Enough people asking for a brand will create space for it in the store.  (Sunny Farms in Sequim has a wholesale plus 10% buying club that includes brands not on the shelf.)

Pasta: Pastariso organic rice pasta – spaghetti, fettuccini, elbows, spirals, penne, fusilli, lasagna.

Crackers: Edward & Sons organic brown rice snaps – I like the “unsalted plain” or “toasted onion”.

Bread: French Meadow 100% spelt bread (in freezer section).

Cereal: For a cold cereal, I like Nature’s Path organic “Millet Rice Oatbran Flakes”.   For granola, I look for those made with an oil other than canola oil, or I make my own.

Dairy: Please see my article “The Health Benefits of Raw Milk” to read up on how pasteurizing milk destroys fragile health-giving factors, and homogenizing milk releases the chemical xanthine oxidase, which injures the lining of our arteries, contributing to plaque formation.  In the state of Washington, we can buy raw milk from certified raw dairies.  Dungeness Creamery (360-683-0716) is a certified raw milk dairy in the Sequim area.

Cheeses: Many of the imported cheeses are raw.  Otherwise, look for the words “raw milk cheese” or “made from raw milk” on the label, as in Organic Valley cheeses.

Nancy’s Cream Cheese and whole milk cottage cheese do not have the chemical binders and other additives that other brands of cream cheese and cottage cheese have.  Nancy’s cream cheese on Edward & Sons brown rice snaps is a great snack!

My favorite yogurt has been Stonyfield Farms whole milk plain yogurt, because of the lack of added binders, nonfat dry milk, etc.  (I add berries/fruit and drizzle honey into my yogurt to taste.)  A new brand on the market with a wonderful flavor is Greek Gods yogurt.

Eggs: most nutritious and highest in fat-emulsifying lecithin are eggs from hens that range freely, having access to fresh insects and greens.

Nuts and Seeds: Best dry-toasted (not roasted in oil).  Ideally, soak the raw nuts/seeds overnight, then lay on a baking sheet and put in the oven at the lowest heat for several hours, then store in glass containers.

Salt: Celtic salt is unrefined, with a whole array of minerals, and can usually be used by those who are sensitive to refined table and sea salts.

Coffee substitutes: I especially like Teeccino original, brewed like coffee, made of roasted carob, barley, chicory root, figs, dates, almonds and orange peel.  Roma and Pero are similar and also good.