Clinical Kinesiology and MRT

I use clinical kinesiology and the MRT (Matrix Response Testing) technique to prioritize a patient’s health issues and develop an individualized plan, and to uncover blockages to healing, such as pockets of chronic low-grade infection, scars, electro-magnetic stress, heavy metal and other toxic burdens, severe food sensitivities and auto-immune problems.

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Short videos of the ONAMED instrument in action are on the home page of By monitoring your pulse, I dial through a range of subtle healing PEMFs (pulsed electro-magnetic fields), storing the health-promoting frequencies that your pulse responds to. I then dial through these stored frequencies while monitoring your pulse, and pick the frequencies or program (a group of frequencies focused on specific health conditions) that your body most responds to at this time. Two to twelve sessions are recommended, depending on individual responsiveness. is devoted to archived conference calls of practitioners discussing their experiences with the ONDAMED.

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INDIGO:  Evaluation and Rebalancing

I assess possible underlying contributing factors to health issues, and treat with various types of very subtle bio-energetic therapies using an INDIGO biofeedback instrument.

The patient is connected to the INDIGO via bands around the head, wrists and ankles.  The individual’s subtle electro-magnetic fields are measured as a baseline, then the patient’s energetic reactivity and resonance to the frequencies of various contributing factors are measured. The INDIGO balances energetically throughout the evaluation: these energy therapies include Rife frequencies, Bicom/Mora, brain wave/emotional balancing, allergy desensitization and frequencies for injury repair.  Recommendations are given for nutrients, herbs, homeopathics and other natural medicines.  The INDIGO continuously monitors the body and adjusts the therapeutic frequencies throughout each session.

NAET Allergy Elimination Technique

Developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the NAET allergy elimination technique uses kinesiology or MRT for testing allergens, and acupressure, an activator and/or infra-red laser to treat while the patient holds the allergen vial.  For detailed information:

Other Services

I work with the nutrition and lifestyle of my patients — so very important in attaining good health and vitality. As needed, I will recommend supplements to correct deficiencies, herbal formulas, homeopathics, gemmo remedies, oligo elements, Unda remedies, tissue salts, flower essences, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and other medicines and therapies to support the body in its detoxing and natural healing process.

Lab testing – blood, saliva (hormone levels), urine, stool, hair mineral analysis.

Testing of home and workplace for harmful electro-magnetic fields.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN):  I am a member of LDN Research Trust.  The website is:

We provide medical marijuana authorizations  for qualifying conditions.