Static magnetic fields are used in the alternative health field for healing many conditions.  However, healing with magnets can be tricky.  Magnets used on the body for therapy can help for awhile, then – depending on the strength of the magnet and which pole is in contact with the skin – can become an irritant in as little as 30 minutes.  A magnetic mattress pad will help one person sleep soundly, but will keep the next person from sleeping – unless they flip the pad over and sleep on the “wrong” side!   One can use kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine magnet placement and length of therapy.

In my practice, I also use kinesiology to help determine if a patient is having a problem with harmfulEMF electro-magnetic fields ().  Unlike the static, unchanging field of therapeutic magnets, health-depleting magnetic fields are produced by strong alternating currents (AC) of electricity.  Direct current (DC) does not produce an injurious magnetic field.

Cancers such as leukemia, lymphomas and cancers of the brain and nervous system have been strongly correlated with chronic exposure to high EMF’s.  Especially harmful for fetuses and growing children, high EMF’s have been linked with birth defects and still births, learning disabilities and convulsions, impaired immunity and hormonal disruption, not to mention fatigue, insomnia and irritability.

Some sources of high EMF’s are: high-tension power lines, transformers, faulty wiring in the home, and improperly grounded wiring. I have EMF meters I loan to patients to test their home and workplace – wherever they spend many hours each day.  The body needs to rejuvenate while sleeping, so it’s especially important to avoid sleeping in a harmful magnetic field.  I recommend the Trifield Meter for purchase ($125), as it also measures radio and microwaves.  One source for this meter is NEEDS catalog: 1-800-634-1380.

Other tips:  Move electric alarm clocks at least 3 feet away from the bed, or use a battery operated clock.  Hold hair dryers at least 8 inches from your head on low setting – never use on small children.  Keep at least 5 feet away from microwave ovens while in use (I’m talking about the EMF here, not microwave radiation, which is another issue).  Electric blankets and waterbed heaters can put out huge fields, and have found to be major contributors to some patients’ health conditions.  Switch to another kind of bed.  At least unplug an electric blanket before you get into bed.  Better yet, get a thick comforter.

Stay at least 3 feet from TV screens, 3 feet from the sides and back of a computer, and 2 feet from the computer screen.  Use cell-phones as little as possible, and don’t carry them on you.  Don’t use a nursery intercom on your baby’s crib.  Photocopy machines put out just as large of a field as microwave ovens – so push the start button and walk away from the copier.

If you meter your home, you may find that a high field is produced when you turn on certain light switches.  This is easily corrected.  If your whole house has a high field, switch everything off in your fuse box.  If that eliminates the field, you can now find which circuit is producing it.  If all switches in the fuse box are off, and the meter still shows a high field, walk outside to the street.  If the field gets even higher toward the street or alley, it’s probably improper overhead or underground wiring, and could be affecting the whole neighborhood.  If any electricians reading this article would like to help people correct improper home wiring that is producing a high EMF, please contact me.

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