The healthy human body is a balanced system that is self-regulating and self-healing.  Most of us no longer have balanced, self-regulating and self-healing systems due to our exposure to an overwhelming amount of environmental toxicity, and the inability of our systems to process this toxicity (as evidenced by the rapidly increasing incidence of severe degenerative diseases, including cancers – as of 2002, the probability of developing cancer is 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women).  The first essential step to regaining the body’s self-healing ability is to limit exposure to toxicity, as follows:

Water: Much of our water supply is contaminated with pesticide residues, industrial pollutants, solvents, aluminum-flouride compounds and microbial agents.  Drink water that is purified by a system that has reverse osmosis included.  (Don’t drink distilled water!)

Food: Most foods sold in our supermarkets are contaminated with pesticide residues and toxic preservatives, colorants and other chemical additives.  Eat less processed food, and buy organic when possible.  The most heavily sprayed food products are tea and coffee, so buy organic if you indulge in caffeine.  Large fish like tuna is completely off limits these days; even 1 can of tuna every 3 months is too much mercury.  (Most fish oils are still OK).  Avoid aluminum, tin and soft plastic food/beverage containers; glass is best.

The ideal would be to grow as much of your own food as possible, as vitamin content starts to decline within a few hours of harvesting.

Dental Materials: Most of the older dental materials are toxic, such as silver amalgams which are about half mercury, the nickel in stainless steel which can cause face rashes, the plastics in tooth sealers, the aluminum and barium in composites, and the gutta percha often used in root canals.  Test and use bio-compatible dental materials.

Vaccines: Most are contaminated with mercury, aluminum, and toxic solvents and preservatives, and the microbial agents can cause long-lasting health problems. Best to avoid.  (I recommend homeopathic and drainage remedies as alternatives to vaccinations.)

Clothing and Upholstery: Most are contaminated with toxic dyes, sizing residues, fire retardants and solvents.  Best to wear and sleep on untreated cotton, wool, silk and other natural fibers as much as possible.  Avoid “stain proofing”.

Building Materials: Most “man-made” and treated building materials “off-gas” toxic chemicals – formaldehyde, arsenic, solvents and other industrial pollutants.  (MDF is a combination of paper and toxic glues.)  Notice children living in new homes – pale skin and dark circles under their eyes during the winter when windows are closed, looking better when windows can be opened again in warmer weather.  Use natural wood and building products.  Some house plants, such as philodendrons and spider plants, will metabolize and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in the air of your home or office.

Personal Care Products: Over 1700 toxic &/or carcinogenic substances are found in personal care products.  Use natural products from health food sections of stores or online, and read labels – even health food stores carry some products with methyl and propyl parabens.  “Rock crystal” deodorants cause aluminum toxicity.

AVOID MICROWAVED FOODS!  For more info, refer to my article “Microwave Cooking” on, or search “microwave” on