Silver amalgam dental fillings are actually only 35% silver.  50% or more of the amalgam is mercury – which is the 2nd most toxic metal on this planet, and the most toxic non-radioactive metal.  The manifestations of chronic low-grade mercury poisoning tend to start 3 to 10 years after placing mercury in the mouth.  The symptoms and health problems from silver/mercury amalgams are found on the website, from the Toxic Element Research Foundation: 1-800-331-2303, and from DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome): Mercury is destructive to the kidneys and liver, and contributes to mental, neurological, hormonal and reproductive dysfunctions, cardiovascular disease, gastro-intestinal diseases, allergies and chronic fungal, bacterial and viral infections (such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that won’t clear up due to pockets of mercury accumulation in the body.

In research studies, radioactive mercury used in amalgam placement is found in the kidneys, liver, brain and other organs and tissues within days.  There is no research evidence to support the ADA’s political opinion that the mercury in silver fillings is inert, thus safe.

In the 1840’s, the prominent dental organization was the American Society of Dental Surgeons.  Members pledged not to place mercury in the mouth due to its known toxicity, and were suspended from the society for malpractice if they did.  In 1859, the American Dental Association (ADA) was formed of those dentists who wanted to use mercury/silver amalgam.  It was cheap, easy to place and durable.

In the 1980’s, research revealed that the air inside a mouth with “silver” amalgam contains mercury vapor, which is substantially increased by chewing, tooth brushing and hot liquids.  Mercury also migrates into the tooth pulp, and thus into the blood and body organs and tissues.

The placing of mercury in the mouth has been banned in several European and Scandinavian countries.  In the U.S., we’ve banned mercury in paint, and taken it out of batteries.  Why are we still allowing it in the mouth as a lifetime’s implant?

Patients who have the mercury removed from their mouth from a dentist trained in correct procedure often have instant and dramatic improvements in health, as well as normalization of abnormal blood lab values.

Dissimilar metals, such as gold and silver/mercury in the same mouth, often creates an electric current that causes chronic jaw, head, neck or back pain.  It’s best to replace mercury with non-metallic materials.  Any metal in or over a tooth disrupts the energetic meridian flow through that tooth to the organ it relates to, often causing dysfunction in the related organ.  Find a dentist who is skilled at placing non-metallic fillings and crowns.

For mercury removal, the dentist should be trained in safe mercury removal procedure, including a rubber dam and personal air supply, and should have you on a tissue mercury detox program.