How to Get More Energy, Pain Relief and Reduce Medical Costs With Enagic Kangen Water™

Why you want Anti-Oxidation and High Alkalinity in your water

The SD501 produces The World's Healthiest Water - Medical Grade Alkaline Ionized Water, known as Kangen Water™!

The SD501 produces The World's Healthiest Water – Medical Grade Alkaline Ionized Water, known as Kangen Water™!

Between 75-85% of your body is water so, hydration is absolutely essential to maintain your optimal health and well being. Your body’s cells work hard every minute to remove waste, free radicals and toxins while fighting bacteria and viruses.

Supplying your body with healthy, negatively charged Kangen Water™ can help your body with this fight. By eliminating toxins, acids and bad foods and increasing healthy, life giving foods and water, we can dramatically slow the aging process and live healthier.

The Japanese are among the longest living people on the planet largely because they consume the right kinds of foods and fluids. This is do, in part, because of their different outlook on disease and health care. The Japanese diet has focused for centuries on simple, healthful foods and lifestyle. In the case of Japan, it is now reported that one in four households have a water ionizer machine. The Japanese believe strongly in the value of drinking and cooking with healthy, clean water to reduce aging and health care costs while maintaining the highest quality of life possible. As a matter of fact, Enagic™ has sold over 400,000 ionizers in Japan alone.

By drinking Kangen water™ you will help your body become more alkaline and flush out toxins and acid, thereby fighting acidosis. Kangen Water™ can help slow the aging process by increasing the oxygenation of your blood and the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

What is Kangen water™?

Kangen water™ is medically grade alkaline water that is produced from one of Enagic’s line of ionizers. In a broad sense, Kangen water™ has three amazing properties: Anti-Oxidation, Microclustering and Alkalinization.


Oxidation is the loss of at least one electron two or more substances interact. It is the on-going battle with aging and decay. Oxidation can be measured and in the case of liquids, an ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is used. A positive positive (+)ORP value is bad for you, accelerating the aging process. A negative (-) ORP value is very good for you and can actually slow down the aging process.

Kangen water is typically between -400 to -600 and even reported as high as -800 ORP. Remember a negative (-) ORP is good for you. The higher the -ORP, the better it is in combating oxidation and free radicals which is believed to affect our health and well being.

Bottled water has been measured as high as +600 ORP. Remember a positive (+) ORP is bad. And if you haven’t all ready, stop drinking soft drinks (sodas). They are a big contributor to sickness and weight gain and are extremely acidic. Some mechanics actually use them to degrease car engines!


A smaller water molecules clustered size improves penetration and hydration of your body. This can accelerate not only hydration, but oxygenation and detoxification of your body to keep your energized and vigorous. This is particularly useful in healing and fitness.


Ideally, for optimal health, we should maintain a pH level of 7.35. Neutral is 7.0 which means we should keep ourselves slightly alkaline. When we age, however, our bodies tend to become more acidic for various reasons including poor lifestyle choices leading to unhealthy diets and insufficient hydration. Leading researchers point to the accumulation of acids and toxins in our cells are the major cause of disease and death in our society.

Most bottled water has been found in testing to be slightly acidic to highly acidic. Well known bottled water has even been reported as low as 5.0 pH — 100x as acidic as neutral ph 7.0! Kangen water has pH levels of 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 which means it has been tested up to 500 times as alkaline as neutral 7.0.

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