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Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

Click here Wellevate to buy products of the professional brands that I carry in my office from Emerson Ecologics.  (Emerson uses the Wellevate platform for patients to order products. You can also call Emerson Ecologics 1-800-654-4432, and establish a patient account by phone.) The supplements will be shipped to you directly. Free shipping if the order total is at least $49.

Restorative Formulations

Restorative Formulations offers a range of therapeutic formulations with a focus on maximizing hormone and cardiac function in the clinical setting for physicians. Setting the standard for purity, 95% of our botanicals and botanical extracts are certified organic or wild-crafted. Restorative Formulations develops highly concentrated, therapeutic dosages to give you rapid results. This company has been awarded the highest GMP compliance for FDA CFR 21 guidelines as a Grade A in GMP compliance. Please click on the banner above to order.

The synergy of this formula enhances the activity of our adult stem cells for repair, strengthens our immune system to protect us, and activates the healing wisdom within.

The Young Tissue Extract from incubated fertilized hen eggs in StemRenu contains signaling peptides that activate and direct adult stem cells to heal and repair.

With aging and high stress, the level of stem cell signaling peptides declines. Not found in any other food sources; they are abundant in our Young Tissue Extract. These signal peptides turn on your DNA switches for health and turn off your DNA switches of accelerated degeneration of your body’s cells.

Some of the health benefits are

  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Improve focus, attention and concentration
  • Improve sleep for better recovery
  • Repair damaged cells
  • Naturally balance hormones
  • Faster recovery between workouts or competition
  • Proven stress reduction for athletes
  • Prolong peak athletic performance
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

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